Galgorm Resort and Spa Review – Thermal Spa and Lunch Package

Imagine total spa bliss… Whether it’s warm or cold, you don’t care, because you’re in a steamy sauna inside a beautiful resort. This is exactly what Galgorm Resort and Spa feels like.

I had the chance to experience the Thermal Spa & Lunch Package with my boyfriend Adam, and boy did we enjoy our time there! As I’ve moved to Belfast only a few weeks ago, it was the perfect opportunity to take a day getaway and relax before starting my new job.

Located in Ballymena, it’s only about 45 minutes drive from south Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the scenery will definitely remind you that you are no longer in a big city.


Spa Arrival

Because the spa and restaurants have a separate entrance from the main hotel lobby, you can access the spa directly from the parking lot instead of walking through the Galgorm hotel.

We were warmly greeted by a member of the spa team, who gave us keys to our lockers and showed us the way.


After we had changed into our swimsuits and bathrobes (with slippers, duh), we headed up to the restaurant. And yes: you can have lunch in your bathrobes!

Bar + Grill at Gillies – Lunchtime

We arrived at the grill right around lunchtime, and were seated in the upstairs area, overlooking the rest of the restaurant. The cosy wooden decor makes you feel right at home, and the cow pictures are a great conversation starter.


When choosing the “Thermal Spa and Lunch Package”, you are entitled to one dish and a beverage of your choice, such as a glass of wine or a soft drink.

We both ordered Mexican-style dishes and truly enjoyed our lunch, even more so because we were eating in our bathrobes!

The Spa

Galgorm’s spa is separated into different sections:

You will start your journey after the changing rooms in the indoor pool area, surrounded by seats and a few waterbeds to relax in while you hear the waves of the pool. It’s a great pool for doing a few laps, and refresh yourself after saunas.


By the indoor pool, there are two very opposite experiences next to one another: the Snow Cabin and the Sanarium.

The Snow Cabin is literally filled with snow; this is not for those who hate the cold! Although I tried it after being in the sauna for a while, the snow underneath my feet felt like it was burning my body. A really weird experience, but still a good laugh!

The Sanarium is a sauna whose temperature is a bit lower than the other saunas on the property, at only 50-60°C. This was quite enjoyable, also due to the window that lets you peak at the indoor pool swimmers.

Take a walk outside and you will discover the Thermal Village. A path leads you to different huts leading to the river. One of the huts features a Celtic Sauna, which was definitely my favorite one!

galgorm resort-and-spa-10

The colorful rocks against the wood make you think you are in another world. But the best part is the huge windows at the corner of the spa. The view on the river running, especially with the fresh snow, was spectacular and reminded you of how relaxed and warm you were inside the sauna.


Next to the inside pool area is a relaxation spot called the Orangery. With its green loungers and windows overlooking the Thermal Village, it was the perfect place to read a magazine or take a nap.


Right outside of the Orangery is a jacuzzi pool, where a lot of people were running from the pool to the robe hangers after going outside due to the cold temperatures! There is also a hot tub right next to the outdoor pool.

Go back inside into the Thermal Spa area, where different saunas and a hydrotherapy pool are waiting for you.


My favorite was the Caldarium as it was dry heat instead of humid heat. For some reason, humid heat is really hard for me to breathe in so I can’t stay too long in those types of saunas.


End Note

We absolutely loved our afternoon at Galgorm Resort & Spa and hope to return soon for another romantic escape! It’s the perfect spa getaway for those looking to relax in a 5* environment. We also appreciated that there were no kids so that it was a calm and adult experience.


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I received this package on a complimentary basis thanks to Galgorm Resort & Spa; however all opinions are my own.
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