Clayton Hotel Belfast Review – Accommodation in Belfast’s City Centre

When visiting Belfast, there are now many more hotels available to book than there were a couple of years ago.

Due to the rise of Belfast’s tourism after the Troubles, new hotels are popping up in every part of town. However, if you are looking for an accommodation in Belfast’s city centre, the Clayton Hotel Belfast might be perfect for you.


I went to the Clayton Hotel Belfast for a night to review their hotel and tell you all about! it!

Arrival and the Bedroom

As we arrived in the hotel, we were greeted by Pedro at the front desk who was very friendly. He explained that we had been upgraded to an executive room, on the top floor of the hotel.


Once in our room, we discovered a rather large bedroom, with some extra space to open our suitcase. The double bed had a firm mattress, and thick fluffy pillows to rest on. In the bathroom, a shower over a bath made me want to take a bath right away! (I’m a sucker for baths)


Other amenities in the room were two bathrobes and slippers (great to walk to the Club Vitae), an ironing board with iron, a safe, and tea/coffee amenities.


We also received a few welcome treats on a nice wooden board; a great touch for those Executive rooms! A plus for staying at Clayton Hotel Belfast.

There was no noise coming from the outside; the only place where noise was heard from was the hallway. Most people tended to be back in their rooms around 10pm so it was not an issue.


The view from our room was also very good, as you could see Cavehill in the background, behind newly built buildings. A city thriving again!


Extra: For any Game of Thrones fan, we spotted actor Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn in the series, walking out of the hotel. You never know which GoT star you’ll spot around Belfast!

The Club Vitae

Not every hotel in town can say that they have an on-site swimming pool and gym area! Shared with community residents who have bought a membership, hotel guests staying in Executive rooms have free access to this area.


You will find a studio, where different workout classes are taught, a gym filled with all types of machines, and a pool area with a jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room. There is also a spa on-site for those who wish to purchase treatments or massages.


For those traveling without children, try going to the pool area after 5:30pm; this is when we found that families were no longer using the facilities.

The pool is also best used for those who would like to swim a few laps, or enjoy a few minutes in the jacuzzi. Because there are only 2 lounging chairs, this would not be a great area for those wanting to lean back and read a book by the pool.


The gym had a lot of machines, perfect for those who want to stay in shape while traveling!


Room Service

After coming back to the hotel from walking around the city all day, we decided it was best to stay in our room and order some room service. We chose a Margherita pizza at £12, with a £4 room service fee.

We were surprised to have also received a small bucket of chips (or French fries) and sugary popcorn! Those were great additions to our pizza, which we shared as we were not overly hungry.


Vitality Breakfast

The breakfast had options for all, with hot and cold items, sugary and salty items. The Clayton Hotel Belfast is also aware of nowadays food allergies, and people’s awareness of healthy foods. This meant that each food item showed whether there was a type of allergen to it, such as gluten or nuts.


The healthier food items included granola, creamy yoghurt, the hotel’s own muesli, or fruit compotes.

Because I do love eating healthy, I was rather happy with the breakfast selection, and enjoyed eating in front of the tall windows, watching people passing by.



Only a 5 minute walk from the Belfast city hall, the Clayton Hotel Belfast has the perfect location for those exploring Belfast’s city centre.

There is an NCP car park that has a rate of £10 for 24 hours nearby, but we parked for free in the streets (only free on Sundays). You are also a few minutes walk from the Great Victoria Street station, or the Central train station.


Although I received a complimentary stay at the Clayton Hotel Belfast, I would recommend this hotel to anyone who wants to be in Belfast’s city centre! Great location along with good-sized rooms and extra amenities, the Clayton Hotel Belfast has a lot to be proud of.

Book through their website and read their reviews on TripAdvisor.

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My stay at the Clayton Hotel Belfast was complimentary; however all opinions are my own.
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